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1.  Title of the contracting parties.

2.  Name of the vessel.

3.  Warranty of seaworthiness of the vessel and the

4.  Description of the vessel.

5.  The loading and discharging ports.   (For a time
charter:   the date of delivery and date of redelivery of

6.  Cargo to be carried.  (Time charters:  the radius of

7.  Position of the vessel.   (Time charters: date vessel
will be ready.)                                                           '   ,

8.  Remuneration.    (Voyage  charters:   freight.  Time
charters: hire.)

9.  Lay days andhow they count (Voyagecharters only.)

10.  Days of demurrage and dispatch and the rate. (Voy-
age charters only.)

11.  Brokerage clause.

12.  Lien clause.

13.  Act of God clause.

14.  Exemptions from liability clause.

15.  Average clause.

16.  Arbitration dause.

17.  Penalty for non-fulfilment clause.

18.  Sub-letting clause.

19.  Deviation and salvage clause.

In addition to these the following may be found only in
time charter-parties—

1.  Clause as to who pays fuel and port charges.

2.  Provision that time ceases on breakdown..

3.  Return of overpaid hire if vessel is lost.

4.  Charterer's right to complain of master and chief

5.  Charterer's obligation to provide master with full
sailing directions.

6- Bunkers on board.

7.  Drydoddng.

8.  Bill of lading.